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When you know its founder, you know the company! A few words about us and our guarantee of an extraordinary cleaning service. An interview with Lynn Goneau:

“Pousse Poussière had modest beginnings. At first, I was just looking to work during a transition period. After 15 years as a public servant, I wanted to help people who were physically unable to clean their homes. Pousse Poussière came to be in September 1996 thanks to my brother’s advice and sister’s creativity.

We serve a wide variety of clients. Illness, old age or lack of physical strength kept my first clients from keeping up with their cleaning. During this period, people came up with excuses to hire me if they weren’t physically unfit! As the years past, our clientele broadened and we started getting calls from our clients’ neighbours and even adult children. We are now serving a second generation!

People need more time. In today’s society, we have busy lifestyles and our mornings, evenings and weekends should be spent as a family, not cleaning house.

I sincerely believe that our success stems from the community, our team’s excellent services and the love I have for my work. For me, cleaning is more than a job. It’s an art! We make our clients’ homes like new. People depend on us for their projects, wellbeing and health.

The future may bring what it will, but we’ll continue serving the community with integrity, professionalism, experience and dedication. Or, in other words, I’ll keep doing what I love doing!”

Pousse Poussière, entretien ménager, Lynn Goneau, propriétaire

Lynn Goneau